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What do we need in order
to become a volunteer?

All volunteers will need an organized storage space for the products and a mobile device to conduct payements. In addition, volunteers would also need a wagon to transport items when going door-to-door, however this can be provided by Project Eco, if required.

Are there any costs when
signing up?

Yes, we do require a mandatory $100 one-time donation for all volunteers in order to help fund any costs and items you may need. These include a Project Eco t-shirt and wagons.

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What do neighborhood
volunteers at Project Eco do?

Our volunteers, aged 9-18, contribute to the cause by distributing eco-friendly products in their respective neighborhood. After receiving products from distribution centers, volunteers will store and sell their products to those in their community. Volunteers also participate in school programs and projects related to supporting the environment while learning valuable business and leadership skills.

How much time-commitement would I need?

Project Eco volunteers are usually expected to spend a few hours each week on selling products, working on enviornmental projects with your school, and more. The more time and effort volunteers end up putting in will also help you recieve special benefits such as the ones listed below.

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Why become a neighborhood volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer at Project Eco gives you much to offer. In addition to helping the enviornment, making friends, and learning new skills, Project Eco also offers you a really cool activitiy and volunteer hours to add to your belt.


Make new friendships

By volunteering at Project Eco, volunteers have the opportunity to meet new friends from their neighborhood and develop meaningful friendships. It's a great way to connect with others while also contributing to a positive cause!


Learn new skills

A project to try new things. To have confidence and integrity to the young beings. Your ECO community will thank you for your grit and testing out your limits.


Change the world

Volunteers give back. Make an awesome neighborhood where everybody knows you. Benefit your schools habitat. With all your doing, you will get volunteer hours, new friends, and of course a new ECO locality.

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Become a neighborhood volunteer

Welcome to Project Eco!

Get ready for an amazing journey dedicated to shaping a greener world with Project Eco. Thanks to your passion and dedication, we unite towards environmental change. Our goal is to make it easy for you to dive into eco-friendly initiatives, take on leadership roles, and connect with like-minded peers. Let's explore, lead, and create a more sustainable future together!

Note: We also have other volunteering roles available such as:
IOS/Android developer, School partnership, Head office branches, etc

Contact us to learn more.

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