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6" Round Plates (50 count)



Back of women's Basic Tee in black.

Item Details

  • Item name: 6" Round Plates
  • Pack size: 50 pack
  • Material: Bagasse
  • Price: $3.00 (6¢ unit price)

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Bagasse Plates are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam or plastic plates. Bagasse is made from sugar cane fibers that are left over after the extraction of the sugar. The fibers are strong and durable making them a great source of sustainable material for compostable food packaging. These bagasse plates are microwaveable-safe and free of any PFAS!

Project Eco vs Retail Store Comparison

Project Eco Pricing

6¢ unit price
Eco Equivelent Pricing

18¢ unit price
Non-Eco Equivelent Pricing

7¢ unit price

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